Saturday, July 30th @ 1PM Lammas Ceremony and First Harvest Feast at the Burlington Earthclock

*Please bring gifts from the first harvest (vegetables, fruit, flowers, wheat…) to be blessed and then shared at the end of the ceremony.**
Please bring homemade or bought fresh baked breads as well as this is traditionally the time of blessing and celebrating the wheat harvest.
Drums and other music makers welcome!
Invite friends and family!
Children and babies very welcome.
Dogs are welcome if they are well behaved.

*Please bring your own reusable plates, silverware, napkins, and drinking containers.*

What is Lammas?
Lammas is a celebration of the First Harvest
Also know as: Lughnasadh or Loafmas

Traditionally, Lughnasadh marks the beginning of the noticeable descent of the Sun into the darkness of winter. From the connection between the Earth (female principle) and the Sun (male principle), the marriage of the Sky Father (Sun God) with the Earth Mother we celebrated at Beltaine, emerge the fruits of the first harvest of the year. Lughnasadh is a time of joy about the first fruits. It is also a time of tension, because the dark days of winter are coming nearer, and most of the harvest is not brought in and stored away yet.

The God of the harvest is the Green Man (also known as John Barleycorn). He sacrifices himself every year in order to enable human life on Earth. In some areas his death is mourned with wreaths decorated with poppies or cornflowers.

The grain is cut, part of it goes into bread and nutrition, another part is stored away and used as seeds next spring, to create new life. Looking at that, thoughts about sacrifice, transformation, death and rebirth are also part of Lughnasadh.

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