Avalonia Moonstone

Avalonia Moonstone is a priestess of Avalon, and devotee of the mother Goddess for the past decade. As a priestess she is bridging the magic of Avalon to the ones who are awakening.  She received her call to serve at the age of 22, although she herself came in awake.   Avalonia is a galactic adventurous, entrepreneurial soul who celebrates life in every moment.  Truly blessed with many natural and Psychic gifts.  She has a healing practice in Ashland, Oregon, where she currently resides.   Her skills encompass a wide modality of healing techniques, including Earth Healing, Spirit communication, Dakini healings, linage clearing, Chakra balancing, Reiki, sound, movement and crystal healings.  Avalonia holds a degree in Holistic Health and Healing, and is currently studying at Southern Oregon University pursuing a certificate in Native American studies.  And is a founding member of Circles for Peace a Vermont based Organization who builds Megalithic Stone Circles with the intention of World Peace and inner healing.

Aside from her full time job as a priestess, she is a mother of 2 daughters one ten-year-old Indigo, and one six-year-old Crystal.  She is a passionate dancer, writer, traveler, poet, mystic, singer and healer.  Her interests are as vast as her soul encompassing the thousand faces of the Mother Goddess.  She is a teacher of the ancient ways, a living embodiment of all she holds sacred.   Avalonia is a Reiki Master teacher and teaches the sacred art of using the Mandala as a way to integrate her Reiki classes, and or healing sessions.  Avalonia has the “touch” of the Goddess in her and creates magic out of raw organic materials.  She embraces her passions fully and follows the wisdom of her ancestors.  Avalonia walks in balance and follows her heart.  The way of the heart is her way.

Some of the people who have influenced Avalonia are;  Dhani Wahoo, Gandhi, Buddha, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Calf Woman, The ocean, mother Goddess Ochun, Changing Woman, Garchin Rinpoche, Wayne Dyer, Rumi, Martin Luther King, Miguel Ruiz, and Martin Pretchel.

And many others, with many more to come.