Dr. Patrick MacManaway at Fletcher Free Library

Burlington Permaculture presents…
Ancient Landscapes, Ancient Wisdom
Cultivating Relationship with the Spirit of Place
September 9, 7:00PM-9:00PM Fletcher Free Library – Free

An intimate lecture by Dr. Patrick MacManaway – a third generation holistic therapist with a degree in Medicine and training in both eastern and western earth-centered healing practices. The author of Dowsing for Health, creative consultant for the Burlington Earth Clock and past President of the British Society of Dowsers, he brings a holistic perspective to enhancing the health and vitality of landscape & of our relationship with place.

Primal cultures view the world as having an underlying life force of chi or prana moving through the landscape much as chi moves in meridians through the human body, characterizing the qualities of place in each and every location. Nodal points or dragons eyes are places of exaggerated atmosphere and elemental power, historically used for the siting of sacred spaces, temples and churches. Early agricultural practices seeking to balance these factors in the landscape have recently been shown to increase the growing season and to directly affect the health of plant, animal and human health. This emerging knowledge is now becoming integrated into both holistic and mainstream practices in many European countries with great promise for enhancing our immediate domestic and working environments as well as guiding stewardship practices in the landscape at large.

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