Venus Transit Gathering & Ceremony at the Burlington Earth Clock

TUESDAY, June 5th~5:45PM through Sunset at 8:34PM
All are welcome to gather starting at 5:45PM to witness the Venus Transit.
We will have a ceremony starting at 7PM.

This is a very rare astronomical event will happen when Venus will Transit or move across the disk of the Sun.

The Transit will start at 6:05 p.m. and continue until Sunset about 8:30 p.m. Venus will appear as a large black dot against the Sun’s disk. Venus will slowly move across the Sun getting about 1/3 way across the Sun by Sunset. This is the last Venus Transit of this century. The next Transit of Venus will be on 11 December 2117. There will be Sunspots visible during the Venus Transit.By June 2012, as Venus leaves the evening sky to enter the morning sky, this brightest of planets will pass right in front of the sun, to stage one of the rarest of predictable astronomical phenomena: a transit of Venus across the sun’s face. This upcoming transit of Venus will be the last one for the 21st century. It will take place across a period of nearly seven hours on June 5-6, 2012. During the transit, Venus will appear in silhouette as a small, dark dot moving in front of the solar disk. This exceedingly rare astronomical event – a transit of Venus – won’t happen again until December 11, 2117.WELCOME RETURN TO POWER OF THE GODDESS ENERGIES & the BALANCING within each of us of our Divine Masculine & Feminine. This is the last Venus transit in many of our earthly lives ~not til 2117 will the next begin ~ It occurs in pairs, 8 years apart. The first half of this transit was in 2004. 

WARNING: Do Not Look At The Sun Without Proper Safe Solar Protective Equipment. Even a brief glimpse of the Venus Transit without proper safe solar protective equipment can cause permanent eye damage or blindness. Do not attempt to look at the Sun without proper solar protective equipment. Venus moving in front of the Sun will not provide any protection against the Sun’s Harmful Rays.

For more information contact Jeanette at (802) 363-8287

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