Help Complete the Burlington Earth Clock!

We are excited to share news of a community project with you, and invite you to join our expanding circle of participation and support.

Circles for Peace is a Vermont grassroots non-profit organization that is based on the philosophy that inner peace and inner strength can be restored by witnessing the rhythms and cycles of nature.

Our first project is The Burlington Earth Clock.

We are building The Burlington Earth Clock on land provided by the Burlington Parks Department at Blanchard Beach on the bike path just north of Oakledge Park (a popular spot for watching the sunset).

Plans include the development of an educational curriculum for K-12 in the areas of science and math, art and history.

We are currently fundraising to complete landscaping, install information signs and the 6′ granite sundial in the middle of the circle.

Your financial contribution is crucial to this project. WE ARE ONLY $8,000 AWAY FROM OUR $80,000 GOAL!!
The City of Burlington has offered a $2500 matching grant as support.

Please give generously.

PO Box 5573
Burlington, VT 05401

Thanks for your support. Everyone giving what bit they can has made this project a success so far.

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