Nov. 7th, 3-5pm – Connecting with our Sacred Self: Spiraling into Balance with Sacred Earth

This event is being co-created with our friend Dale Sparlin from Ohio.

He will create the labyrinth and lead us in walking it and dancing the Spiral Dance.

Through drumming, chant, walking the labyrinth, and dancing the spiral dance, we will bring balance within and without, reclaiming our heart’s connection with the Earth.  Feel free to bring drums.

Bring a friend, Make a new one!

Connecting with Our Sacred Self
Spiraling into Balance with Sacred Earth

Throughout this gathering, following a myriad of paths, we have been drawn into deeper communion with Sacred Earth. Now, as we prepare to walk the paths returning to our individual hearth-homes, let us take a moment to turn inward, reconnecting with our own Center, that place within each of us from which we utter Namaste.

Here we will seek the common point that holds Sacred Earth and Sacred Self in balance. As above, so below; as within, so without.

Join us in ceremony as we call in the Seven Directions, walk the Spiral Labyrinth, dance the Spiral Dance, turning to our Sacred Center.

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