Winter Solstice 2013

Decemenber 21 2013 there will be two events at the Earth Clock.

12 Noon

One Earth, One Voice

It has been one year since the first One Earth, One Voice.
This year we will create a ROLLING SOUND WAVE across the planet. 12/21 at 12:21pm in EACH timezone – WORLDWIDE.

JOIN US and be part of the GLOBAL choir of Good Earth Singers as we SING for the EARTH’s healing.

ALL are welcome! Please spread the word and bring friends and family!

Please dress warmly

We will again sing Ise Oluwa
To learn the song: Here’s a great version of the song, sung by the Three Altos:

words: Ise oluwa kole bajey o.

pronounced: ee-shea-oh-loo-wah koh-leh-bah-jey-o.

My interpretation:
That which the Creator has Created is ETERNAL.

3 pm

Winter Solstice Ceremony

The Green Mountain Druid Order will lead us in celebration for the return of the Light as the days get longer into the spring.

Please dress warmly