One Earth, One Voice 12.21.12 at the Burlington Earth Clock

Friday, 12/21/12 4:30PM EST

JOIN US and be part of the GLOBAL choir of Good Earth Singers as we SING for the EARTH’s healing. Be part of the largest moment of synchronized song in history. Imagine people all over our Good Earth connecting together in song at the exact same time! And what better cause than the health and welfare of our earth.

**Please arrive on time** at 4:30PM as we will PREPARE to sing at exactly 5PM a 15-minute long synchronized moment of song with others around the globe.  We will teach and practice the song together before 5PM.

Please dress warmly. Please spread the word and bring friends and family! ALL are invited!!!

To learn the song: Here’s a great version of the song, sung by the Three Altos: Ise oluwa kole bajey o. 

pronounced: ee-shea-oh-loo-wah koh-leh-bah-jey-o.

translated: That which Creator has made can never be destroyed.

OR: That which has been created can never be destroyed.

For more information please call Jeanette at 802-363-8287