Patrick MacManaway

Patrick MacManaway is a practitioner and researcher in Geomancy and Geobiogy.

Raised by healers in rural Scotland and trained initially in their practices, he learned the art of “pinning dragons” through the use of dowsing and earth acupuncture, to remedy sick buildings and geopathic stress.

Following studies in Medicine in Edinburgh, Scotland, Patrick took apprenticeships with Sig Lonegren in Geomancy and the Construction and Uses of Sacred Space, and with Richard feather Anderson in Feng Shui and Regional Geomancy.

Through study and research and patient practice in the field, he has refined these techniques to the enhancement of all environments including animal health and farm productivity.

Consulting and teaching in both the UK and the USA since 1994, he is past-president of the British Society of Dowsers, author of “Energy Dowsing for Health” and “Cultivating the Light Body” and a founding member of “Circles for Peace”.

Patrick’s roles in the Burlington Earth Clock project included design consulting and dragon whispering, envelope stuffing and late-night letter writing.

He would like to bring more of these wonderful spaces alive in communities throughout the world.