4-6PM Sunday, December 21, 2014   Burlington Earth Clock Stone Circle

Join the Green Mountain Druid Order and friends for our annual ceremony in honor of the darkest time of year and moon cycle, the beginning of winter, and the rebirth of the Light! Bring a candle lantern, evergreen boughs and warm festive clothes.

ALL are welcome!

Oakledge Park, Burlington, VT (Take Flynn Avenue to Oakledge Park.)

Feel free to call 802-363-8287 if you need directions or have questions. Blessed BE

Winter Solstice 2013

Decemenber 21 2013 there will be two events at the Earth Clock.

12 Noon

One Earth, One Voice

It has been one year since the first One Earth, One Voice.
This year we will create a ROLLING SOUND WAVE across the planet. 12/21 at 12:21pm in EACH timezone – WORLDWIDE.

JOIN US and be part of the GLOBAL choir of Good Earth Singers as we SING for the EARTH’s healing.

ALL are welcome! Please spread the word and bring friends and family!

Please dress warmly

We will again sing Ise Oluwa
To learn the song: Here’s a great version of the song, sung by the Three Altos:

words: Ise oluwa kole bajey o.

pronounced: ee-shea-oh-loo-wah koh-leh-bah-jey-o.

My interpretation:
That which the Creator has Created is ETERNAL.

3 pm

Winter Solstice Ceremony

The Green Mountain Druid Order will lead us in celebration for the return of the Light as the days get longer into the spring.

Please dress warmly


Saturday, Feb. 2nd
Join us in Celebrating the turn of the wheel of the year.

The days are 58 minutes longer than on Solstice and that calls for a celebration!
The beginning of spring is with us and seeds deep in the ground begin to stir.

One Earth, One Voice 12.21.12 at the Burlington Earth Clock

Friday, 12/21/12 4:30PM EST

JOIN US and be part of the GLOBAL choir of Good Earth Singers as we SING for the EARTH’s healing. Be part of the largest moment of synchronized song in history. Imagine people all over our Good Earth connecting together in song at the exact same time! And what better cause than the health and welfare of our earth.

**Please arrive on time** at 4:30PM as we will PREPARE to sing at exactly 5PM a 15-minute long synchronized moment of song with others around the globe.  We will teach and practice the song together before 5PM.

Please dress warmly. Please spread the word and bring friends and family! ALL are invited!!!

To learn the song: Here’s a great version of the song, sung by the Three Altos:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQK-ixb8jxQwords: Ise oluwa kole bajey o. 

pronounced: ee-shea-oh-loo-wah koh-leh-bah-jey-o.

translated: That which Creator has made can never be destroyed.

OR: That which has been created can never be destroyed.

For more information please call Jeanette at 802-363-8287

Winter Solstice Galactic Descension Ceremony!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Earth Clock, Oakledge Park, S. Burlington VT

Druids bring it down to Earth

Join us in sacred circle to celebrate the longest night and the completion of a 26,000 year cycle with story, song, prayer and magic!

We will midwife the cosmic dance of this sacred time by drawing down the powers of the Galactic Center thru the Great Sun, into the molten core of the Earth.

The Great Mother calls us home to our true Nature, Here and Now.

Together we descend to the One Heart.

Please bring a small offering for the earth.

Dress warmly festive!

RSVP if you would like a supporting role in the ceremony.



Autumnal Equinox Community Gathering at the Burlington Earth Clock

10AM, Saturday, September 22, 2012

Autumnal Equinox is also know as the Second Harvest or Mabon.  Please feel free to bring gifts of the Second Harvest to be blessed and shared.  Drums and other instruments are welcome.

All are welcome~Please join us

For more information please contact Jeanette Bacevius @ 802-363-8287

Be the Peace~Together as One~Global Event at the Burlington Earth Clock

11:30AM, Friday, September 21, 2012

Join us at the Burlington Earth Clock as we intend and envision peace through silent meditation, guided meditation, toning, singing, drumming, chanting, and more.

There will be events in hundreds of cities around the world, creating a profound wave of peace moving across our planet. Everyone around the world will connect at the same time creating deep planetary Pulses of Peace. BeThePeace welcomes people from every culture, every spiritual tradition, and every political perspective to join Together as One.  Together, we are creating a world where inner & outer peace is the normal way of life. Together, we are creating history!  On the International Day of Peace, hundreds of organizations worldwide are joining together to create one of the largest global prayers and meditations for peace in history!  The event builds on a thirty-year tradition of a Planetary Peace Wave on September 21 to build a global Culture of Peace. It aims to strengthen an ever-growing global network of ‘subtle activists’ committed to developing internal peace and creating a foundation for a global culture of peace.

For more information please contact event organizer, Jeanette Bacevius @ 802-363-8287
Please join us! ALL are welcome

Lammas/Lughnasadh/ First Harvest Gathering and Potluck Picnic

Saturday, August 4th at 1PM
Burlington Earth Clock
Please bring gifts from the First Harvest (vegetables, fruit, flowers, wheat, bread…) to be blessed.
Consider bringing wheat bread as this is traditionally the time of blessing and celebrating the wheat harvest.


Please bring a dish to share for the potluck.
*Bring your own reusable plate, silverware, napkin, and drinking container.*

Drums and other instruments welcome! 

All are welcome. Invite friends and family! ‘

Please call Jeanette for more information: 802-363-8287 

What is Lammas?
Lammas is a celebration of the First Harvest
Also know as: Lughnasadh or Loafmas

Traditionally, Lughnasadh marks the beginning of the noticeable descent of the Sun into the darkness of winter. From the connection between the Earth (female principle) and the Sun (male principle), the marriage of the Sky Father (Sun God) with the Earth Mother we celebrated at Beltaine, emerge the fruits of the first harvest of the year. Lughnasadh is a time of joy about the first fruits. It is also a time of tension, because the dark days of winter are coming nearer, and most of the harvest is not brought in and stored away yet.

The God of the harvest is the Green Man (also known as John Barleycorn). He sacrifices himself every year in order to enable human life on Earth. In some areas his death is mourned with wreaths decorated with poppies or cornflowers.

The grain is cut, part of it goes into bread and nutrition, another part is stored away and used as seeds next spring, to create new life. Looking at that, thoughts about sacrifice, transformation, death and rebirth are also part of Lughnasadh.


There will be 2 Summer Solstice Events at the Burlington Earth Clock

Sunday, June 17th and Wednesday, June 20th

Please see the posts below for more information

Celebrate Summer Solstice

Burlington Earth Clock

Sunday, June 17th at 6PM

An annual community ceremony led by the Green Mountain Druid Order

All are welcome in our sacred circle to honor the height of light!

Please bring:
Flowers to offer the lake and stones,
and instruments to play!

with warm blessings of light,
Fearn and Ivan

For more information call Jeanette at 802-363-8287